Lockhart’s Genealogy Page

Close to forty years ago my parents began working on trying to piece together the history of the their parents and ancestors.  This started out mainly including the families of Lockhart, Archer, Myer, Taylor, Harper, Summers and Fields.  I remember many weekends of heading out onto the back roads of WV in search of old cemetaries, chuches and old home places. Usually we’d have nothing to go on but a county road map or someone having told us about a place they remember when they were a kid. Sometimes we’d find ourselves having to cut back though the briars and brush to find an abandoned cemetary.  Sometimes the car would get stuck in what seemed to be a bottomless mud pit on an old road the was not much more than a cow path.  But that never stops us from going the next weekend.  And continuing to try to read old weathered tombstones to gather dates or find references to other family members. That was many years ago when I was in my mid teens. I have many fond memories of that period of time.
The quest for information and history continues today, but encompasses a much larger range of families.  Plus the search for data is not as physical today was it was back then. Which makes it easier sometimes, but loses the connection that is created by walking the ground where your ancestors traveled or lived, or that feeling of walking into the old churches or one room school buildings where they gathered.
We have a large database of names linked together with 130,000+ individuals intertwined in 33,000+ families and includes over 900 surnames.  As the search goes on, we love corresponding with others inflicted with a similar bent and share information when possible.  Sharing of information between folks is the only way to locate some of the information and many times helps uncover conflicting data that needs resolved.

Over 10,000 individuals added to the database since the last update!!

So… check out the Surname Index to the left for a list of the Surnames and individuals we have listed in the database. If anything looks interesting we’d love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to check out the list of books on some of the families, sign our guestbook, and if your a descendant of the Lockharts – Checkout the Clan Lockhart site too!